Site Setup & Maintenance

  • Site Inspection
  • Material & Equipment Sourcing
  • Site Prep & Safety Parameters
  • High Quality Installations
  • Minimal Site Alterations

Remote Support

  • Remote Service Support
  • VPN Management
  • Secure Desktop Sharing
  • Premium Software Maintenance
  • 100% Completion Rate

Fibre Connections

  • FTTH & Business Connections
  • No ADSL Line Required
  • Secure Fibre Setup
  • Super Fast Data Rates/second
  • Short Time Frame Installations

ADSL Capped &Uncapped

  • Unthrottled Capped ADSL
  • Uncapped High Speed ADSL
  • Home & Business Options
  • ADSL Combo Packages
  • Fixed IP Address Setup

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

  • Let us help you Create, Maintain & Grow your website. Our support team develops your online footprint and let you connect with more people everyday. Create a domain that is unique to your business or movement. The Metaverse is the new frontier.